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CMA Private Healthcare Order

On 2nd April 2014, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) published the report ‘Private healthcare market investigation’ (The Order) requiring private healthcare providers to publish certain information about all referring consultants. OneWelbeck Lung Health take the compliance of this order very seriously and have disclosed all information below:

Low Value Services

Low value services provided by OneWelbeck Lung Health to our referring clinicians include:

  • Amenities such as coffee, tea and refreshments
  • OneWelbeck branded stationary provided by the centre
  • General marketing support including online and printed materials
  • Operational and administrative services to facilitate the appropriate processing of patient admissions
  • IT support for issues within the facility

Physician Financial Interest

OneWelbeck Lung Health is owned in part, by a group of physicians. The physician(s) who referred you to this Centre and who will be performing your procedure(s) may have a financial and ownership interest. Patients have the right to be treated at another healthcare facility of their choice. We are making this disclosure in accordance with the relevant regulations.

The following physicians have a financial interest in OneWelbeck Lung Health:

  • Dr Susannah Bloch
  • Dr Dean Creer
  • Dr Luke Howard
  • Mr Simon Jordan
  • Professor Onn Min Kon
  • Dr Neal Navani
  • Dr Brian O’Connor
  • Dr Amit Patel
  • Professor Pallav Shah
  • Dr Suveer Singh
  • Professor Athol Wells