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CT Scan

What is a CT Scan?

Computed Tomography, abbreviated as CT, is a procedure that uses a computerised, narrow beam of X-rays that are aimed at the body of a patient in a rotating circle. The procedure is generally quite quick but can range in length depending on the type of scan being performed. The rotating X-rays produce cross-sectional image slices (processed by the computer of the scanner), which provide a greater detail than traditional X-ray.

When might we use it?

A CT scan is used when greater detail is required for the clinician to diagnose or monitor recovery of an injury. You may need a CT scan if you have a problem with a bone structure or if you have trauma to the spine or brain. CT scans are also used to investigate bone tumours. To make certain parts of the body show up clearer, contrast dye is sometimes used for the scan.

What makes our CT beyond better?

At OneWelbeck, our CT uses “Smart Dose”, intelligent technology that allows us to capture high quality images but with low doses of radiation. This ensures we are making our scans as safe as possible for our patients. Our CT devices use “Spectral Technology”, meaning our lesion/damage detection is second to none. The technology in our devices gives our specialists the best tools possible to ensure your road to recovery.

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