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Right person, first time

Our front-desk staff welcome patients on arrival, and a comfortable, stylish space provides a relaxing waiting environment. Clinicians take time to talk their patients through the tests they’re having to make sure they are fully prepared and at ease.

All our consultant radiologists are highly trained in their specialist fields, which include musculoskeletal, cardiothoracic and breast. They have vast experience designing and setting up from scratch imaging services at major teaching hospitals. They are also leading authors in their respective fields of research.

So, patients can be assured that whatever imaging services they might need, their investigations and analysis will be carried out by a team of experts.

The future of technology, now

Our unique partnership with leading imaging equipment manufacturer, GE Healthcare, gives us access to the latest imaging technology. Our equipment is selected and configured by leading radiologists and is continually optimised by on-site specialists.

We have invested in a next generation platform for storing, retrieving and routing images. This ensures data integrity and enables patients and their medical teams to access information and results anywhere, at any time.