Physiotherapists and other supporting clinicians

We work closely with physiotherapists and other supporting clinicians across all our specialties to ensure our patients receive the best care.


At OneWelbeck, we work collaboratively with physiotherapists and other supporting clinicians across all our specialties. Making sure that our patients receive the best care possible is at the heart of everything we do, and by forming multi-disciplinary teams with a range of specialists we are able to ensure a smooth road to recovery for each individual.

Musculoskeletal physiotherapists

For musculoskeletal physiotherapists, OneWelbeck boasts a truly integrated team of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Pain Medicine Consultants, Sports Medicine Physicians, MSK Radiologists and Rheumatologists, all working collaboratively in our specialist Orthopaedic centre. Click here to view the full Orthopaedics team.

Our Orthopaedic team benefit from the latest imaging technology, with MRI, CT, x-ray and ultrasound all on-site and often available as a ‘walk-in’ service following a consultation with one of our specialists. We are one of the only facilities in the UK with a standing, weight-bearing CT scanner on-site, enabling us to take 3D images of the foot and ankle bones and joints while the patient is standing.

Physiotherapists focusing on other specialties

We are equally able to support physiotherapists who focus on other specialties, including Women’s Health, Digestive Health, ENT, Oncology and Respiratory, being home to internationally-renowned consultants in all these fields and having the full range of diagnostics and AHP support on-site to ensure patients receive seamless, integrated out-patient care, with state-of-the-art day-patient theatres available should surgery be required.

Radiology and reporting

Our radiology team are equally specialised, both by modality and specialty, ensuring that your patient’s report is written by a true expert in their field of care. You can see our Radiology team here; reports are typically sent within 24-48 hours but if you have particularly urgent cases please let us know and we can often arrange immediate or same-day reporting.

Working with OneWelbeck

If you choose to refer to us, we work closely with you to ensure the process is seamless for both you and your patients, with patients also receiving personalised information via our OneWelbeck app.

OneWelbeck hosts webinars, educational seminars and events to provide physiotherapists across all specialties an opportunity to connect with our Consultants. It is all part of our multidisciplinary and innovative approach to patient care. We believe in working together with London’s top physiotherapists and delivering a seamless service for our patients.

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