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Patient satisfaction questionnaire

As we look for ways to continually improve your experience, we encourage our patients to share their views and feedback. To help us incorporate your voice in the development of our service, we provide patient satisfaction questionnaires to all patients at our Surgery Centre. You can complete this either through the OneWelbeck Patient App or by asking for a paper copy at the Centre.

The feedback received remains anonymous and is reviewed on an ongoing basis by our Centre Director and Quality Committee. Any learnings from this process will be shared with our staff to help them improve the service we are offering.

Other ways of giving feedback

If you have feedback you wish to share in the Centre, then please raise them with a member of staff. Whether you’re in our Outpatient, Imaging or Surgery centres, there is a Centre Director responsible for your care. Please ask to speak to them directly, or if they aren’t available, please ask for the senior person on duty.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to provide feedback in writing then please contact us directly via email at

Helpful information to include

To help us address your feedback most effectively, it would be helpful if you could include the following;

  • Who or what is the reason for your feedback
  • Where and when the events occurred
  • What action you have already taken (if any)
  • The outcome you want from your feedback