Endoscopy Compliance

Digestive Health

CMA Private Healthcare Order

On 2nd April 2014, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) published the report ‘Private healthcare market investigation’ (The Order) requiring private healthcare providers to publish certain information about all referring consultants. The OneWelbeck Endoscopy Centre takes the compliance of this order very seriously and have disclosed all information below:

Physician Financial Interest

The OneWelbeck Endoscopy Centre is owned in part, by a group of physicians. The physician(s) who referred you to this Centre and who will be performing your procedure(s) may have a financial and ownership interest. Patients have the right to be treated at another healthcare facility of their choice. We are making this disclosure in accordance with the relevant regulations.

The following physicians have a financial interest in the OneWelbeck Endoscopy Centre:

  • Dr Simon Anderson
  • Dr Matthew Banks
  • Dr Devinder Bansi
  • Dr Lisa Das
  • Dr Natalie Direkze
  • Dr Jason Dunn
  • Dr Adam Haycock
  • Dr Jonathan Hoare
  • Dr John Martin
  • Dr Joel Mawdsley
  • Dr Simon Peake
  • Dr Stephen Pereira
  • Dr Maxton Pitcher
  • Dr Aymer Postgate
  • Dr Farooq Rahman
  • Dr Evangelos Russo
  • Professor Brian Saunders
  • Dr Deepak Suri
  • Dr Rami Sweis
  • Professor Julian Teare
  • Dr Panagiotis Vlavianos
  • Dr Christopher Wadsworth
  • Dr George Webster
  • Dr Ana Wilson
  • Dr Terence Wong