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Consultant Urological Surgeon

Men's Health

Sub-specialties: Andrology, Urology, Kidney Disease, Prostate, Urological Cancer, Erectile Dysfunction, Kidney Stones.

Dr. Ammar Alanbuki is a Consultant Urologist at the University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust since 2016, specializing in Robotic Surgery and possessing a keen interest in Urinary Upper Tract Oncology, Stone Diseases, Minimal Invasive Prostate Surgery (Urolift), Andrology, and Robotic Surgery.


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Areas of Expertise

Dr. Alanbuki's expertise encompasses a range of conditions, including:

Dr. Alanbuki provides various treatments and procedures, including:

  • Robotic surgery
  • Laser stone and prostate surgery
  • Minimal invasive surgery for prostate conditions
  • Botox therapy

About Mr Ammar Alanbuki

Mr. Ammar Alanbuki is a distinguished Consultant Urologist, renowned for his expertise in various facets of urological care. He commenced his journey in the field of urology by joining the Urology Department at the University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust in 2016, where he assumed the role of Consultant Urologist. His commitment to advancing patient care and his profound interest in urological oncology, stone diseases, and advanced surgical techniques have solidified his reputation as a leading figure in the field.
Mr. Alanbuki's professional voyage commenced with his basic training in surgery in the Northeast of England, where he garnered a breadth of experience in both general surgery and urology. His thirst for knowledge led him to a pivotal role as a research fellow at the Barts and London University Hospitals, where he contributed to the Reduction by Dutasteride of Prostate Cancer Events (REDUCE) trial, showcasing his dedication to advancing the understanding and treatment of urological conditions.
In his pursuit of excellence, Mr. Alanbuki embarked on higher surgical training in urology within the Eastern deanery, where he honed his diagnostic and therapeutic skills in general urology. His passion for sub-specialisation led him to dedicate two years to intensive training in endourology, laparoscopic kidney surgery, and stone disease management at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals, further enriching his expertise and proficiency in the field.
At the forefront of his professional endeavours, Mr Alanbuki assumes several key roles, including serving as the MDT lead for kidney cancer and laparoscopic surgery, pioneering minimal invasive surgery for prostate conditions in the Southeast region, and spearheading the Robotic Programme as part of the modernization of minimal invasive surgery. Additionally, he actively contributes to medical education as the Urology Module leader for year three medical students at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School, embodying his commitment to nurturing the next generation of urologists.
Mr. Alanbuki's professional interests span a wide spectrum, with a primary focus on kidney cancer, stone diseases, urolift and prostate surgery, as well as andrology and laparoscopic/robotic surgery. His dedication to patient-centric care extends beyond the confines of the hospital, as he endeavors to establish robust collaborations with primary care colleagues to ensure timely and high-quality urological interventions through electronic clinics and urology advice surgeries.
With a comprehensive array of treatments and tests offered, ranging from vasectomy reversal to prostate laser treatment, Mr Alanbuki epitomizes excellence in urological care, driven by a steadfast commitment to patient well-being, innovation, and continuous improvement. His relentless pursuit of excellence and his unwavering dedication to advancing the field of urology underscore his status as a distinguished figure in the medical community

Additional Information


  • Royal College of Surgeon England
  • European Urology Association
  • Americal Urological Association

Research Highlights

Mr. Ammar Alanbuki

Key Publications 

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Dr. Ammar Alanbuki is a Consultant Urologist at the University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust since 2016, specializing in Robotic Surgery and possessing a keen interest in Urinary Upper Tract Oncology, Stone Diseases, Minimal Invasive Prostate Surgery (Urolift), Andrology, and Robotic Surgery.