How we work with consultants

Our consultants are independent practitioners and have personal responsibility for the care they deliver.

Policies and procedures

All our Consultants are independent practitioners and have personal responsibility for the care they deliver. Whilst they are not OneWelbeck employees, they are required to operate according to Spire policies and procedures when practising at OneWelbeck healthcare centre. Many Consultants are employed by the NHS, and may also work across a number of other independent providers.

Vetting processes

Every Consultant is listed on the General Medical Council (GMC) medical register and undergoes a thorough vetting process before being granted “practising privileges” to practice at OneWelbeck Healthcare. They are subject to regular review by their OneWelbeck Healthcare Director.

Your relationships with our consultants

Your relationship with each Consultant involved in your treatment (including anaesthetists) exists as a separate legal relationship alongside your relationship with OneWelbeck. If you are a private patient, you or your insurer will usually be invoiced separately by each Consultant involved in your treatment, and by the hospital, although in some instances we may be able to act as a fee collecting agent for the Consultants to make the payment process easier.


Whilst Consultants are responsible for clinical decision-making and the quality of the care they deliver, OneWelbeck is responsible for ensuring that there are systems of monitoring and oversight in place, designed to ensure that Consultants practise in accordance with OneWelbeck policy, and in line with their practising privileges. All Consultants are required to maintain adequate minimum levels of medical malpractice indemnity cover, in keeping with GMC guidance, and OneWelbeck undertakes checks to ensure that indemnity certificates are in place.

Find out more

You can find out more about the consultants providing your care on our website and on the Private Healthcare Information Network website.