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Running the marathon is good for your heart health

New Research by Barts NHS Trust and University College London

New research led by Barts NHS Trust and University College London found that running a marathon for the first time could have several health benefits including reducing blood pressure and arterial stiffness.

OneWelbeck Consultant Cardiologist Dr Charlotte Manisty who was part of this study said: “As clinicians are meeting with patients in the new year, making a goal-oriented exercise training recommendation—such as signing up for a marathon or fun-run—may be a good motivator for our patients to keep active. Our study highlights the importance of lifestyle modifications to slow the risks associated with aging, especially as it appears to never be too late as evidenced by our older, slower runners.”

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You can also catch Dr Manisty talking on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme on the 7th January 2020 available on BBC iPlayer (listen between 2:49:49 -2:56:12)