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On the day of your procedure

Before you come to OneWelbeck for your procedure, please make sure you have showered and leave any jewellery, piercings and valuables at home.

Please only bring your essentials with you to the Women’s Health facility. Please wear comfortable clothing as you will need to change back into these after your procedure.

Please do not bring:

  • Cigarettes or tobacco
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Large sums of money
  • Valuables such as jewellery, tablets and laptops.
  • Mains electrical equipment

Upon your arrival at OneWelbeck Women’s Health you will be greeted by our reception team. They will notify your doctor and the clinical team that you have arrived and run through your registration and check in details. Once this is complete, you will be taken to a consultation room to relax and go through the final checks before your procedure.

Following your procedure

After the procedure you will be taken to our recovery area, where you will be able to stay as long as you need before leaving. Your doctor will come to see you to discuss the results and the next steps. Your procedure will require a local anaesthetic, meaning that you’ll be able to carry on with your day as normal afterwards. Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, patients are unable to bring a family member or friend with them to their appointment. However we do offer a chaperone that can be present during your procedure should you wish.

Unless you’ve been told otherwise, you can begin eating and drinking normally as soon as you feel able.