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Personal Biography

Miss Christina Choy qualified from the Medical School of the University of Sydney in 1986 and undertook her postgraduate training in surgery in Hong Kong, Australia and in the UK at St Barts Hospital and at The Royal Marsden Hospital.

She has worked in private sector since 2003. She has been a substantive consultant breast surgeon at the Homerton University Hospital within the MDM network with St Bartholomew’s and Newham General Hospitals over 13 years before coming into full time private practice in 2017.

In conjunction with the pathology dept. at St Barts Hospital Miss Choy previously had conducted a breast cancer research study of the gene arrays and demographic data of young women, with a particular focus on Afro-Caribbean women and other ethnic groups, and other research projects into barriers to women accessing early diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer in various ethnic groups in conjunction with King’s College London. The research was presented in Parliament for Black Afro-Caribbean and Ethnic Minority Group (BAEM). She has been involved in trialling an establishment of tissue bank in the private sector to facilitate translational breast cancer research.

Miss Choy has pubications on topics including mastectomy with oncoplastic reconstruction, DCIS, NHS predict versus Endopredict genomic test, periareolar surgical approach to skin sparing mastectomy, comparing mastectomy weight and volume in impalnt reconstructive oncoplastic surgery.


Miss Choy has published peer-reviewed papers in leading medical journals in the field of skin sparing mastectomy and reconstruction, ductal carcinoma in situ and lipofilling.

Key publications:

  • Nipple-sparing mastectomy using a hemi-periareolar incision with or without minimal medial-lateral extensions; clinical outcome and patient satisfaction: a single centre prospective observational study.  El Hage Chehade H, Headon H, Wazir U, Carmaichael AR, Choy C, Kasem A, Mokbel K, Am J Surg. 2016.
  • Clinical outcome and patient satisfaction with the use of bovine-derived acellular dermal matrix (SurgiMend™) in implant based immediate reconstruction following skin sparing mastectomy: A prospective observational study in a single centre. Headon H, Kasem A, Manson A, Choy C, Carmichael AR, Mokbel K, Surg Oncol. 2016.
  • Current treatment of DCIS. Choy C , Mokbel K , WJCO. 2015.
  • Towards optimal treatment of DCIS. Choy C, Mokbel K, WJCO. 2014.
  • Evaluation of outcome after immediate breast reconstruction: prospective comparison of four methods. Gui G, Kodayaprath G, Tan SM, Faliakou El, Choy C et al. Plast Reconstr Surg. 2005.
  • Immediate breast reconstruction using biodimensional anatomical permanent expander implants: a prospective analysis of outcome and patient satisfaction. Maxwell GP, Gui G, Tan SM, Faliakou E, Choy C, A’Hern R and Ward A, Plast Reconstr Surg. 2003.
  • Predictors of positive margins after local excision of ductal carcinoma in situ. Mokbel K, Choy C et al . Am J Surg. 2001.
  • Adjuvant radiotherapy for DCIS. Mokbel K, Choy C, Carpenter R, Lancet. 2000.