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Areas of Expertise

Professor Desai has specialist expertise in the following areas of lung imaging:

  • Interstitial lung diseases
  • Lung cancer, and lung cancer screening
  • Airways diseases

Personal Biography

Professor Desai trained in medicine at the Middlesex Hospital Medical School in London, qualifying in 1987. As senior house officer, Professor Desai spent time at Royal Brompton Hospital and, after completing the MRCP (UK), he entered formal radiology training at King’s College Hospital Medical School.

Professor Desai was awarded the Frank Doyle Medal for achievement in the Part I FRCR examination and the Rohan Williams Medal for the Part II FRCR examination. Following core radiology training Professor Desai undertook research at Royal Brompton Hospital, under the supervision of Professor David Hansell (his predecessor in the post he now holds), being awarded an MD for his thesis on structural-functional correlations in fibrosing lung disease.

Research and Publications

  1. Bartlett EC, Kemp SV, Ridge CA, Desai SR, Mirsadraee S, Morjaria JB, Shah PL, Popat S, Nicholson AG, Rice AJ, Begum S, Mani A, Derbyshire J, Morris K, Chen M, Peacock C, Addis J, Martins M, Kaye SB, Padley SPG, Devaraj A. Baseline results of the West London lung cancer screening pilot study — impact of mobile scanners and dual-risk model utilisation Lung Cancer 2020 (In Press)
  2. Patel BV, Arachchillage D, Ridge CA, Bianchi P, Doyle JF, Garfield B, Ledot S, Morgan C, Passariello M, Price S, Singh S, Tahluria L, Trenfield S, Trimlett R, Weaver C, Wort SJ, Xu T, Padley SPG, Devaraj A, Desai SR. Pulmonary angiopathy in severe Covid-19: physiologic, imaging and hematologic observations Am J Respir Crit Care Medicine 2020 (In Press)
  3. George P, Hida T, Putman R, Hino T, Desai SR, Devaraj A, Kumar S, Mackintosh J, Gudnason V, Hatabu H, Gudmund G, Hunninghake G. Hiatus hernia and interstitial lung abnormalities. European Respiratory Journal 2020 (In Press)
  4. Jacob J, Aksman L, Mogulkoc N, Proctor AJ, Cholipour B, cross G, barnett J, Brereton CJ, Jones MG, van Moorsel CH, van Es W, van Been F, veltkamp M, Desai SR, Judge E, Burd T, Kokosi M, Savas R, Bavraktaroglou S, Altmann A, Wells AU. Serial CT analysis in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: comparison of visual features that determine patient outcome Thorax 2020 (In Press)
  5. Orton CM, Garner JL, Desai SR, Kemp SV, Shah PL. Aspergillus cavitation complicating endobronchial lung volume reduction coil placement Am J Respir Crit Care Medicine 2019 (In Press).
  6. Barnett J, Molyneaux PL, Rawal B, Abdullah R, Hare SS, Vancheeswaran R, Desai SR, Maher TM, Wells AU, Devaraj A. Variable Utility of Mosaic Attenuation to Distinguish Fibrotic Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis from Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. European Respiratory Journal 2019;25:54.
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