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IWD 2021 – Kari Lindsey

Meet Kari Lindsey, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Welbeck Health Partners

Kari tells us about her incredibly varied career, and what makes her proud to be part of OneWelbeck.

Please give a brief summary of your career so far, and your role at Welbeck Health partners.

For 20 years prior to my arrival at Welbeck Health Partners 2 years ago I served in a variety of leadership roles with the American day case surgery company AMSURG / Envision Healthcare.  In my final position I served as Division President where I oversaw 78 centres ($1.2b USD in revenue).  After I retired David Manning and Andrew Chadwick-Jones (Co-founders of WHP) recruited me to assist with the launch of Welbeck Health Partners and OneWelbeck here in the UK so I came over and got started in January 2019.

What is your proudest achievement at Welbeck Health partners so far?

Our team has really done an astounding job of opening ten (10!) centres in a very short amount of time.  There have been numerous great moments as we prepared for each one and launched.  But my proudest moments are always when we can add another team member and additional consultants to the WHP family.  I’m very happy that we’ve been able to hire over 100 team members into OneWelbeck since I arrived.

The theme of International Women’s Day this year is #choosetochallenge – how do you choose to challenge yourself and those around you in a work setting to improve on results and outcomes?

Operating all these centres is challenge enough!  To stay on top of things, though, my immediate team regularly reviews individual and group progress.  They are charged with monthly / quarterly goals and we routinely monitor a variety of KPI and performance metrics.  We try to get better every day – and we are very committed to the “beyond better” culture of WHP.

What has been the main challenge of overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic in your role?

When the COVID-19 virus struck and the lockdown occurred our entire team had to quickly pivot in many different areas.  We are so thankful to have such flexible and adaptive team members at every level!  From my perspective the main challenge has always been to operate a full-functioning group of day case centres while ensuring that the safety of patients and team members are top priority.  Coordinating the recent vaccinations and quickly implementing “work-from-home” policies have helped us through these challenging days.

Is there a woman in your line of work who you see as a role model?

For many years my personal mentor was Claire Gulmi, former CFO of AMSURG / Envision.  She was very honest and forthright, helped reinforced my commitment to honesty and helped me see the importance of systems and processes.  Claire was a big supporter of women’s causes and always found time to share her knowledge (and network) with women who were building their own careers.  An interesting side note: Claire’s husband was also CFO of a large company and for many years they had the distinction of being the only husband and wife CFOs of companies on the Fortune 500 list (a respected recognition of the largest companies in the US).  I try to have an open door like Claire and do my best to help those that are wanting to improve themselves and their careers.