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IWD 2021 – Alice Musso

Meet Alice Musso, Centre Director for OneWelbeck Digestive Health

Alice spoke to us about her varied career so far at OneWelbeck, how her team has taken on the challenge of working in healthcare during a global pandemic, and her role model at work.

What is your role at OneWelbeck and how long have you been working here?

I joined One Welbeck when it was still a construction site. I have seen it when it was born and growing up bit by bit. Because of this, I really feel that in a way, it belongs to me, it is mine too.

My role has rapidly grown over a period of two years from being a Staff Nurse to Charge Nurse and finally Centre Director of the unit. Being Centre Director involves lots of daily challenges in a rapidly growing environment , as well as overlooking the processes and procedures with the help of a multidisciplinary team and a lovely group of Gastroenterologists and Anaesthetists.

What is your proudest achievement at OneWelbeck so far?

Definitely making the journey from Staff Nurse through to Centre Director of Digestive Health!

The theme of International Women’s Day this year is #choosetochallenge – how do you choose to challenge yourself and those around you in a work setting to improve on results and outcomes?

We have quality and improvement meetings (QAPI) every quarter where we bring up what was achieved in the previous quarter , what issues and incidents we had, what can be improved and how. The anaesthesia director, decontamination lead and clinical nurse are always present, as their input is really valuable and their opinion precious.

What has been the main challenge of overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic in your role?

The biggest challenge for our group has definitely been wearing PPE and face masks for long period of times, especially in the summer.

Also, we worked a lot on creating a new patient and staff pathway in line with the Covid-19 infection control guidelines released by Public Health England. This has had a massive change in the way we work and book in patients.

Is there a woman in your line of work who you see as a role model?

Cindi Skoglund (Head of Clinical Services at OneWelbeck) is my role model. She gave me the opportunity to grow in different roles. She has never been reluctant in sharing all her knowledge , tips and teachings with me and the rest of the staff. She strikes a perfect balance between being supportive and nice, but strong and firm when needed. This approach has been the key that enabled me to grow not only in my role at work, but also as a woman in the outside life.

Some people say you are usually very similar to whoever has trained you. Well, I hope one day I will achieve that too!