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1980s – 1990s

New technologies meant that outpatient clinics in the USA began to have the ability to improve the level of care given to day-case patients. A group of industry pioneers – some of whom are still involved with Welbeck Health Partners – started to build outpatient health centres of excellence.


Outpatient centres in the USA expanded vastly in numbers and started to have a measurable impact on cancer screening, day-case surgeries, and quick and efficient diagnostics.


A group of leading UK consultants, all with scientific research backgrounds, met with some of the USA pioneers and agreed to replicate, and improve upon the US centre of excellence model. Welbeck Health Partners was founded as a new type of doctor-led organisation with the ambition to better serve patients through learning from international best practices.


Work was undertaken to build a core team that was committed to ensuring the highest possible clinical quality by designing a centre around the patients’ needs, and putting the patient at the centre of everything.


OneWelbeck opens its first centres: Digestive Health and Heart Health.


OneWelbeck opens eight more centres: Digestive Surgery, Endocrinology,  Ear, Nose & Throat, Enhanced Breast Screening, Imaging & Diagnostics, Orthopaedics, Lung Health, and Women’s Health.

Our ongoing journey to develop excellent care

We continue to look at global best practice to incorporate into our centres to better-serve patients.

With our focus now moving towards multi-discipline care and making sure that a patient’s journey between our centres is as seamless as possible, we are embracing our ‘everything under one roof’ concept and encouraging further collaboration between consultants.