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What do we do?

All of us work in centres of excellence and receive referrals from other hospital specialists throughout the country. Our collective experience is vast, cutting edge and covers all conditions of the voice and swallow apparatus, as well as thyroid, neck and face lumps; including cancers at all of these subsites. Particular interests include managing the professional voice, laryngeal feminisation, complex larynx and airway reconstruction, dysphagia, globus thyroid and salivary gland lumps and cutting edge surgical treatment for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

We will often be able to give you a definitive diagnosis at your initial visit through use of high definition nasal endoscopes and same day neck ultrasound performed by two of the leading head and neck radiologists in the UK.

Many conditions will not require surgery, but should you need an operation our team can offer the entire repertoire of throat and neck surgery. We are opinion leaders and pioneers in our field and boast the largest experience in the UK in throat and larynx laser and robotic surgery.