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What is Otosclerosis?

Otosclerosis is a genetic condition that can cause hearing loss often presenting in the 20’s and 30’s. It is caused by the bone around the stapes (the third bone in the hearing chain – see diagram) furring up so that it becomes progressively immobile. It tends to affect both ears but one may be affected more than the other. Tinnitus can also be a presenting feature. Around 50% of people will have some family history of the disease. The condition may present earlier in women as it is affected by the hormones of pregnancy.

What treatment is available?

Otosclerosis can be treated with:

Stapes Surgery

Stapes surgery can take different forms.  In the older operation of stapedectomy the whole of the stapes is removed and the chain of hearing reconstructed with some form of prosthesis, most commonly a piston.  More commonly these days stapedotomy is performed where only the top part (superstructure) of the stapes is removed and then a tiny hole is fashioned in the remaining footplate through which a piston is placed to restore continuity of the chain and thus hearing.

Surgery can take place under general or local anaesthetic and is commonly performed as a daycase.  The hearing results can be excellent with very good results possible in over 90% of cases.

Otosclerosis Specialists

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