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Microscopic Examination and Microsuction

What is Microscopic Examination and Microsuction?

Microsuction is the general term used to describe clearance of the ear canal when it is done under direct vision using a microscope. The microscope allows the doctor to clearly see into the ear, and therefore safely use instruments including low pressure suction to clear the ear canal, and to assess the eardrum.

What is involved with Microscopic Examination and Microsuction?

The procedure is performed in outpatients, anaesthetic is not required, although it may be a little uncomfortable, particularly if the ear is very inflamed. Most patients find the experience a little noisy, and some will briefly experience dizziness during the procedure.

Risks with Microscopic Examination and Microsuction

There is minimal risk associated with microsuction, however some patients find the experience uncomfortable (others like it), some experience dizziness, and very occasionally there may be some bleeding from the ear canal after the procedure, if the skin is scratched by removal of a dry crust.

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