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Why we use sedation

Propofol is an anaesthetic agent administered by a consultant anaesthetist. It is used because of its potent effect and quick recovery time.

When administered, it works in seconds and ensures comfort during your procedure. Light sedation with propofol lasts for a very short duration, giving you peace of mind you’ll be safely home in no time.

After your procedure

Once your procedure is finished, you’ll be taken back to your pod to recover. Unlike the most commonly used general anaesthetics, there is a much faster recovery time with Propofol meaning you’ll be able to leave the centre in less than an hour after your procedure.

Thanks to the excellent team of consultant anaesthetists, we can offer this sedation as standard, administered by experts in their field.

Are there any side effects?

As with all sedation, side effects may occur, but your doctor will explain the risks and benefits before your procedure, and your dedicated nurse will be on hand to look after you throughout your time with us.