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Best-in-class monitoring

Our Mindray BeneVision patient-monitoring systems deliver accurate multi-colour, wide-format display real-time, physiological measurement data for our clinicians to confidently rely on.  Mindray provide a flexible solution for monitoring your status anywhere, anytime. At every point of care our patient monitors always provide a suitable solution to meet your surgeon’s needs. We can even customise the monitor for a specific patient or for acuity requirements.

Cutting edge digestive care equipment

Our digestive health procedure technology focuses on two things, maximising your comfort, and empowering our clinicians to be able to detect and characterise disease with precision.

During a colonoscopy, ScopeGuide allows your consultant to see how the colonoscope is progressing inside your body (the large bowel) by displaying a 3D model of the colonoscope which helps your consultant to manage patient comfort more effectively.

Additionally, our Gastroscope is equipped with the latest imaging technology which can help your consultant to detect and characterise more disease in your food pipe (the oesophagus) during your gastroscopy.

Our OneWelbeck app

Before you visit us for your procedure, you will be invited to download the OneWelbeck ‘MyRecovery’ app to introduce you to our facilities through a virtual introduction, and to your surgeon via videos you can download. You can use the app to track the days before your procedure and the recovery steps afterwards.

You will be further greeted by personalised videos from your Doctor who will explain how best to use the app and will guide you through the recovery content available. The app will provide you with key milestones for you to attend with us, as well as offering an activity journal for you to keep track of your recovery progress.

Once you leave our centre, we will still be at your side with information and advice regarding your recovery. We want to ensure life gets back to normal as quickly as possible for you.