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Designed around the patient

OneWelbeck presented a ‘clean sheet’ opportunity to develop a clinic attuned to each patient’s needs. We engaged in a listening process with our patients to understand what is truly important to them, and what could be improved upon, versus today’s standard of care.

From increased privacy, individual en-suite loos, to a more convenient preparation process, we have built the clinic to deliver a less stressful and more supportive environment.

Experts working as an integrated team to support you

We are the largest private digestive health team in the UK, with over 40 gastroenterologists and consultant colorectal surgeons, and we believe our quality metrics are the highest of any group in the world. We work as a true team to support you and ensure that you have access to doctors with the right specialist experience.

A better experience during the procedure

One of the things that patients tell us is that they are anxious about the prospect of an internal (endoscopic) examination, or surgical procedure. In particular, for some patients it’s experiencing mild discomfort whilst having the procedure. To reduce this stress, we are the only private UK gastroenterology clinic that has anaesthetists on hand for each procedure – so you can have a pain free procedure without the nausea and lengthy recovery time and you can get back to your day quicker.

Latest technology

Our team includes leading academic doctors from the globally renowned medical research centres in London. As a result, we have early sight of new technology, and the ability to deploy these to support our patients.