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1980s – 1990s

New technologies meant that digestive health clinics in the USA began to have the ability to better image the inside of the bowel. A group of industry pioneers – some of whom are still involved with Welbeck Health Partners – started to build digestive health centres of excellence to better serve these patients.


Gastroenterology centres in the USA expanded vastly in numbers and started to have a measurable impact on screening for bowel cancer and reduced prevalence from 56% to 38.3%.


A group of leading UK gastroenterologists, all with scientific research backgrounds, met with some of the USA pioneers and agreed to replicate, and improve upon the US centre of excellence model. Welbeck Health Partners was founded as a new type of doctor-led organisation with the ambition to better serve patients through learning from international best practices.


Much work was undertaken to build a core team that was committed to ensuring the highest possible clinical quality by designing a centre around the patients’ needs, and putting the patient at the centre of everything.

Spring 2019

Welbeck Health Partners first gastroenterology clinic, OneWelbeck Digestive Health, opens its doors.

Our ongoing journey to develop excellent care

The doctor and leadership team have spent the last few years looking at global best practice to incorporate into the clinic to better serve patients. We have visited clinics around the world, including the USA and Europe.

We recruit our teams in the same way as leading organisations in other industries – with a high quality bar and rigorous evaluation criteria. Our teams also use the “family test” – we ask ourselves “would I like this doctor to treat anyone in my family”.