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Covid-induced fatigue

Our expert endocrinologists will most commonly see their Long-Covid patients suffering from an extended period of chronic fatigue. This will most often be caused by hormonal imbalances or mood disturbances, so the key action is to book in for endocrine tests so that a consultant gets a full view of which areas are affected.

Watch the video below to learn more about Long-Covid and Endocrinology.

Advice from Dr Candy Sze

Endocrinology is one of the more complex areas of medicine concerned with Long-Covid. Dr Candy Sze, Consultant Endocrinologist at OneWelbeck Endocrinology, gives us an overview on what she commonly sees in patients with Long-Covid symptoms, and shares her thoughts on what we should focus on in the coming months as the pandemic recedes.

Meet the expert

Dr Candy Sze is a specialist in all aspects of Endocrinology with a particular interest in adrenal disorder through her research and all types of Diabetes, including experience using technology such as insulin pumps and flash glucose monitoring.

Alongside her work at OneWelbeck Dr Sze is a consultant at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, where she has set up a virtual thyroid clinic service and an inpatient Diabetes service to provide excellent care for her patients.