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Facing and protecting against COVID-19 with PCR

OneWelbeck Consultant Cardiologist and Interventional Cardiologist...

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stories from the frontline

Stories from the frontline

OneWelbeck Consultant Cardiologist, Professor Richard Schilling, speaks to...

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Don’t stay at home with chest pain

As well as the British Heart Foundation, OneWelbeck Consultant...

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A helpful guide to putting on your face mask

OneWelbeck Consultant Cardiologist has put together this helpful video to...

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Dr Mick Ozkor

Impact of COVID-19 on the in-hospital management of TAVI patients

As part of a series of webinars by Edwards Lifesciences, Dr Mick Ozkor...

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Heart Failure & Congestive Heart Failure: What is the Difference?

Heart failure can be a complicated issue, especially if a patient needs a...

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice from OneWelbeck Heart Health

The rapid global spread of coronavirus Covid-19 is extremely concerning to...

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Twenty Hacks for Healthy Bones and Heart

A team of experts including OneWelbeck Consultant...

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Management of suspected Coronavirus

This is the guidance for doctors from NHS England if Coronavirus is...

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