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Don’t stay at home with chest pain

Don’t stay at home with chest pain

As well as the British Heart Foundation, OneWelbeck Consultant Cardiologist Dr Iqbal Malik is worried people who are suffering with chest pains are staying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr Malik talks to a patient about his experience suffering with chest pains during COVID-19 and what he did to get help. Watch it here

Dr Malik outlined 3 learning points from this patients case:

  • Although advice in the COVD-19 emergency is to avoid hospitals, heart attacks can be fatal if not treated properly
  • Heart Attack treatment continues in Heart Attack Centres (HACs) despite the COVD-19 crisis
  • Even if have symptoms of COVID-19, you will be fully assessed for your heart attack treatment in hospital-please tell the staff if you have fever/cough/breathlessness.