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low blood measure

The low-down on low blood pressure: Key facts and causes of low blood pressure

Dr Sundeep Kalra explains some key facts and causes of low blood pressure, and how blood pressure…

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The main symptoms of angina and how to avoid them

Dr Balvinder Wasan gives an overview of the main symptoms of angina, what the treatment options are,…

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Keeping Your Heart Healthy with Dr Boon Lim

Dr Boon Lim has released a book as part of the Penguin Life Experts series. In this…

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What is cholesterol and how does Inclisiran work to lower it?

Dr Iqbal Malik takes a look at a new cholesterol-lowering drug called Inclisiran and how it measures…

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Christian Eriksen

What happened to Christian Eriksen in the Euros?

Prof. Jamil Mayet gives an overview of cardiac arrest risk in athletes, how it's caused and the…

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women palpitation

How to Stop Palpitations

Palpitations may feel alarming, but in most cases they’re harmless. Dr Balvinder Wasan explains the common symptom…

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heartbeat print

Ablation sounds dangerous, but is it?

Dr Simon Sporton gives a comprehensive view of the risks associated with an ablation procedure.

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Can You Develop Angina in Your 20s?

Is it possible for someone in their 20s to have angina? Here is what you need to…

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Blood Pressure Tablets

Top Tips To Maintain A Healthy Blood Pressure

Dr Sundeep Kalra gives his advice on how to help maintain a healthy blood pressure

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