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Areas of Expertise

Prof Mayet performs a range of treatments, including:

Some of the conditions he commonly treats are:

  • Hypertension
  • The heart in pregnancy
  • The athletes’ heart
  • Chest pain
  • Palpitations
  • Shortness of breath

Personal Biography


Prof Mayet’s undergraduate training was in Scotland at the University of Dundee where there is a strong academic culture in clinical medicine. His thesis was on Hypertension and the Heart, the research for which was done at the internationally renowned Hypertension Unit at St Mary’s Hospital, Imperial College London. His postgraduate cardiology training was at St Mary’s Hospital and the Royal Brompton Hospital in London. He was appointed Consultant Cardiologist at St Mary’s Hospital in 2000 and was made Professor of Cardiology at Imperial College London in recognition of his outstanding clinical research programme in 2011. He has been externally recognised for clinical and academic excellence by his peers, having been conferred Fellowships by the European Society of Cardiology, the American College of Cardiology and by the British and Irish Hypertension Society.

Prof Mayet has had several senior leadership roles in Imperial Cardiology since 2008, shaping a cardiac service that combines clinical excellence with an integrated academic and clinical department that produces cutting edge cardiovascular research changing clinical practice around the world.

Clinical Specialist Interests:

Hypertension and the Heart

Prof Mayet’s specialist interest in “hypertension and the heart” started in 1992 when he was cardiology research fellow in the world renowned Hypertension Unit at St Mary’s Hospital, London. Since that time he has had extensive clinical experience managing patients with hypertension and the complications of hypertension in the Imperial Hospital Group in West London. He has also led wide-ranging research programmes, assessing the effects of different treatments on the heart of patients with hypertension, and devising new ways of assessing the blood flow in the arteries of patients with hypertension and heart disease.

Covid and the Heart

Prof Mayet is a member of the Imperial College Healthcare Team assessing the long term effects of Covid-19 on patients. This has included cardiac assessment of patients following hospital admission with Covid-19. He also leads the National Institute of Healthcare Research Cardiovascular Covid programme which is a collaboration bringing together clinical data on patients with Covid-19 from several hospitals across the country to help improve the assessment and treatment of patients who have had Covid-19.

Cardiac Screening

Prof Mayet has been investigating the effects of exercise on the heart since 1992, initially in collaboration with the British Olympic Medical Centre. He has over 25 years of experience screening athletes for cardiovascular disease, including as a member of the Football Association Cardiac Consensus Panel, and has performed cardiac assessments for previous England world cup squads and Premier League football clubs. He is expert at assessing patients’ future risk of heart attacks and strokes, whether they currently have symptoms or are just concerned about what their risk may be.

Chest Pain Assessment

Prof Mayet is an expert in chest pain assessment. He set up the Chest Pain assessment unit at St Mary’s Hospital, London in 1999 and has led and developed the service since that time. The service expanded rapidly and is currently delivered from several sites across North West London. He has been involved in several research studies on patients with coronary heart disease, which have helped to understand the importance of different ways of assessing patients with chest pain. He emphasises the non-invasive assessment of patients, only advising invasive investigation when there are clear benefits for doing so. He ensures that he assesses patient’s future risk of cardiac disease as well as evaluating whether they have any current cardiac problems.

Research and Awards

Research Interests

Professor Mayet leads a clinical research team at Imperial developing new approaches to patient assessment and treatment. He brings new research discoveries rapidly to his patient’s clinical care.

Professor Mayet’s research interests are in the clinical development of new technologies for assessing and treating the heart and arteries and understanding how we can fine-tune current treatments to improve outcomes. Specifically, he has interests in the physiology of coronary flow and blood pressure as well as the factors associated with the development of atheroma, the fatty deposits that cause blockages of blood vessels. He has a longstanding interest in cardiac structural and functional variations in health and disease, particularly in hypertension and athletic training.

He has over 200 peer-reviewed publications, many in major journals and has been invited to speak nationally and internationally in the fields of hypertension, echocardiography, coronary physiology, cardiac structure and function, heart failure and coronary artery disease. The “H index” is a used as a way to measure the impact of research. Prof Mayet’s “H index” is 55 (over 40 is regarded as outstanding).

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