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When you arrive

You’ll be met by our friendly reception team at the front desk, checked in and shown to the waiting area. We’ve designed our waiting area to be a calm space, helping to minimise any stress you might be feeling. We also stagger our appointments carefully, so it never feels crowded and you will be seen at the time of your appointment.

Assessing your needs

Your screening will be performed in our onsite, state of the art imaging centre and interpreted by a Consultant Radiologist who is an expert in breast imaging. They will prepare your report within 24 hours and share with your chosen Consultant so the results can be discussed at your follow up consultation.

Planning your journey

At your follow up consultation, your Consultant will discuss the results from your initial screening consultation. They will use these results to recommend the most appropriate treatment journey for your condition. This might be discharging you if no further treatment is required or booking you in for further testing, a procedure, or an operation.

Managing and treating your problem

If your test results are abnormal, you will be either be recalled for further tests, or referred to see a Breast Surgeon. Your Consultant will discuss the best options with you.

Our holistic team means that if you need to see an expert, your Consultant will be able to recommend the best person for you and work with them to manage your ongoing care. We ensure that you receive the best follow-up care, including breast cancer surveillance for those undergoing treatment or who are in remission.

If you need surgery

If you need surgery, in most cases it will take place at our purpose built on-site Surgery Centre.

As our partner doctors have been involved in the design of our theatres and patient rooms, they’re the ideal clinical environment. From the space the team works in, to the equipment they work with, everything has been planned with patients in mind. And because our teams work together every day, there’s no need for introductions or explanations; they can just focus on your care.

If your Consultant has recommended that you need to have surgery, they will explain the whole procedure to you, including any risks and what to expect afterwards. If you still have questions or just want to read at your own pace, you can find out more about your symptoms and how they are usually treated on the symptoms pages of this website.

Should your surgical procedure need to be carried out elsewhere, we will ensure that you are referred to one of our excellent accredited healthcare providers, ensuring you remain in the best care possible.