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Empowered Doctors

As a specialist breast imaging unit within our Women’s Health department we can arrange a consultation with a breast surgeon upon request, usually during the same attendance. Alternatively, we will leave this to you to discuss first with your GP. All results will be forwarded to your GP, referring clinician or to yourself if self-referring. Unless otherwise requested by you or your referrer it is our practice to discuss results with all of our patients before departure from the unit.

Enhanced Breast Screening is in a unique position to produce and publish statistically meaningful research which will be presented at international meetings, published in peer reviewed international journals and also ploughed back into our own clinical practice and protocols in order to continually advance and refine the service we offer.

Pioneering Technology

We use cutting edge 3D Mammography, high resolution hand-held breast ultrasound, Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography or Magnetic Resonance scans as appropriate.

All our mammograms are read and reported by one of our internationally recognised panel of specialist breast radiologists, and additionally analysed by AI driven computer aided detection algorithms. Should tissue sampling (needle biopsy) be required for diagnosis, this will be fully explained and carried out by one of our team.

End to end Patient Care

Enhanced because we use the very latest equipment and have an unsurpassed team of Internationally recognised specialist breast radiologists

We are a brand new fully comprehensive screening and diagnostic unit catering for all patients wanting breast imaging whether routine or symptomatic. We also offer consultations for advice on personal breast cancer risk, genetic testing or specific surveillance programmes tailored to your individual requirements